Metropolitan Transport Information System
by Digital Geographic Research Corporation
25+ years innovating

METRIS GPS sampling density: seconds, not minutes; invaluable for detailed analysis and forensics. I-710/I-405 interchange.
Illustration shows multiple tracks superimposed, and selected points on one track taking the cloverleaf.

Vehicle Tracking

METRIS is much more than a tracking service. It's a partnership to streamline freight. An Intelligent Transportation System on a small scale. We compile and analyze data from multiple trucks and fleets in real time, and feed crucial information back to you. In our other lives, we're transportation consultants. We help ports and transportation planning agencies to formulate policies and projects that smooth the flow of freight.

Currently our interest is in drayage truck operations in metropolitan ports.

METRIS samples vehicle location every few seconds, at least 10 times denser than other commercial tracking systems, and at a better price. We offer real-time fleet maps, daily logs and monthly analyses. Because of our exceptionally detailed data, we are unique in offering accurate measurements of turn time at marine terminals [for example ...]. Several prominent port drayage carriers in Los Angeles are partners in METRIS.

METRIS is about having the pieces of the freight system work together better—like rowers pulling together for common good. Your participation in METRIS gets you accurate information at a low entry price. It also helps us to measure freight performance, and to streamline it. The benefits to you: more turns per day, and a healthier industry.

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